Making our own easy homemade pizza recipe is a much simpler process than we think, we just need to know the necessary pizza ingredients and the process to follow to integrate them. At RyeandSoda, we want you to learn easy recipes that allow you to prepare exquisite and unique dishes, such as different varieties of homemade pizzas. Therefore, here we show you how to make homemade pizza , are you going to miss it?

Dishes made in an artisanal way always constitute a food of higher quality and cheaper, so we encourage you to continue reading and discover the steps to make this homemade baked pizza with the pizza ingredients that you want. So you always know what to add to a homemade pizza!

Steps to follow to make this recipe:

Before starting with the easy homemade pizza recipe, it is essential to make a little clarification about the flour. To make this type of dough, the most recommended flour is strength flour, since as it contains a higher percentage of gluten, the result will be a much fluffier homemade pizza dough . In Latin American countries, especially, this type of flour is known as flour 00 . Now, if you want to make gluten-free homemade pizza , check out this other recipe.

Now, we started the homemade pizza recipe! To do this, the first thing we are going to do is mix the warm water with the fresh yeast in a container . To make a homemade pizza dough you can easily use this type of yeast or make a pizza dough with dry yeast , both are valid. If you prefer the dry one, you should mix it with the flour and if, on the contrary, you prefer the fresh one, it is essential to mix it with warm water. Fresh yeast is one that is sold as a block and must be kept in the refrigerator.

In general, about 30 grams of fresh yeast is equivalent to about 10 grams of dry yeast, keep that in mind if you want to use a different yeast than this Italian pizza recipe.

When you have mixed the yeast with the water, add the two tablespoons of oil . Mix well so that all the ingredients for the pizza are integrated

Before the preparation cools, add the strength flour and salt to a large bowl, arrange them in the shape of a volcano . Pour the previous mixture in the center.

Now is when you have to start kneading well until you notice that the homemade pizza dough stops sticking in your hands and you can handle it without problems.

When you have the fluffy pizza dough ready, you should shape it into a long tube and cut it into 4 partitions. Then, roll each partition into a ball and cover with a clean, dry cloth. You should let them rest for 45 minutes . You will see that, little by little, they begin to rise until they double in volume. Each ball of dough will be used to make a normal homemade pizza.

After the corresponding time, sprinkle a little flour on a table to prepare the homemade pizza, take one of the balls and place it on it. Now you should extend it with your hands stretching from the center to the sides, giving it a circular shape. If you have a rolling pin you can also use it to make the dough thinner. Once stretched, you can add the homemade pizza sauce and pizza toppings of your choice. You can use this delicious homemade tomato sauce and onion pizza recipe.

Once you have chosen the ingredients and have your finished homemade pizza dough, you should preheat the oven to maximum temperature for about 20 minutes.

After time, add the homemade pizza preparation and bake it for approximately 10 minutes . You will have to watch it because the final time will vary depending on the type of oven and the intensity it has. Ready, your homemade baked pizza will be to die for!

How to make the perfect homemade pizza – tips

In this recipe we have explained how to make a homemade pizza dough in an easy way to obtain an excellent result, but we want you to have some extra tips in mind when adding the ingredients that you like the most to your homemade baked pizza :

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